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OmniCabSim Mini

Mini Cabinet Simulator + DI

The best analog Cabinet Simulator in a small package !

Get the best tone and save pedalboard real estate with the Mini version of the OmniCabSim, plus, experiment with the gain control, which adds another dimension to your tone!

RSP: U$ 169.00

OmniCabSim Deluxe

Tweakable Cabinet Simulator

The N°1 analog cabinet simulator.

Leave your big cabinets at home.

And get the best tone everywhere.

Free yourself from cabinet presets, and push the envelope of what good tone is.

RSP: U$269.00

Drive Maker

Tweakable Drive Engine

From jazzy cleans to metal shred.

From bluesy crunch to fuzzy octave.

The best mix of versatility and perfection.

All analog, true bypass, outstanding TONE.

RSP: U$ 249.00



Transform any Drive pedal into a dual-channel bass pedal or a two channel guitar preamp.

Get the greatest PRE and POST boost for more gain AND volume!!

RSP: U$ 219.00

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